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Extended Campus Sites

In addition to the BSW and MSW programs we offer at our main campus in Morgantown, there are also part-time MSW programs available around the state.

The part-time programs in extended campus locations provide persons living and working in these areas an opportunity to pursue an M.S.W. degree without residency on the main campus in Morgantown. Applicants for the part-time program in extended campus locations must meet all admissions requirements. 

These sites provide the social work curriculum using a cohort model. Thus, admissions are not made every year. Students who matriculate to extended campus sites take at least six credit hours each semester and enroll continuously, even in summer months. Individual courses are not repeated on a regular basis in these locations; thus students must closely follow their degree plans. Extended campus students should be aware that limited enrollment and interest in any particular practice track or field of practice may, in turn, limit the options available at the site. Students, however, always have the option to enroll in courses at any other site or on the main campus in Morgantown in order to meet a strong interest in a particular area of study.

Field Requirements

Students are required to complete an internship that requires 16 to 24 hours per week. This field experience may be done at the work place, but may not include current job responsibilities.