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Adjunct Faculty Resources

A/V Equipment

Many of your classrooms are equipped with projectors and computers. You can use these to display PowerPoint presentations, show DVDs, or access the Internet. The following is contact information for buildings in which you must request A/V equipment (at least two days) in advance.

Books and Supplies

Copies of materials can be made by School support staff located in Morgantown or can be made by adjunct faculty themselves. The copy machine is located in the reception area at the School headquarters in Knapp Hall.

Textbooks for classes at the main campus are ordered through the book store by Division support staff. Off-campus students must order their books online through the supplier of their choice. 

Course Evaluations

All faculty must have their students complete an evaluation of the course and instructor on the last day of class. Faculty is responsible for ordering their SEI’s. Evaluation forms must be received in Morgantown by the final day of the semester.

Disability Services 

Students who require special accommodation from you due to a disability must provide you with official documentation of their disability from  the Office of Accessibility Services.

Library Services
To use library resources through remote access you must use your MasterID user name and library password.

MIX, STAR and Division Listservs
MIX is WVU’s primary web based communication system. It is a great way to communicate with students in your courses, all of whom are required to use MIX; it is a good idea for you to get familiar with it. If you are computer savvy, you can take advantage of several other tools this system provides to work with your class. 

Parking on the Downtown WVU Campus can be a challenge. Adjunct Faculty can find short-term parking at the Mountainlair or locate city parking. On the Evansdale campus, there are a number of short-term parking sites located across the campus.

Submitting Grades 
All faculty must submit student grades online by the first Monday following the last day of final exams.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Mary LeCloux