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The WVU School of Social Work develops leaders in solving the most demanding social issues of our day through rigorous research, academic innovation and public service. Our faculty and students are empowered to extend their reach, deepen their impact and engage in real-world social change. They learn to critically analyze personal, familial, and environmental factors affecting practice settings and practice techniques, and to advocate for those who confront barriers to achieving their fullest potential. The school’s programs prepare students for careers as professional social workers committed to public service in nonprofits, government, education, business, and higher education.

                      Director’s Message on Black Lives Matter

Dear WVU School of Social Work Community,

I’m sure we all have been appalled at the death of George Floyd and the video images of him begging for breath with the weight of a police officer’s knee against his neck while handcuffed and subdued on the ground. The George Floyd tragedy is but one in a long list of similar tragic and senseless deaths of Black people including Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Travon Martin, Eric Garner, and more.
The National Association of Social Workers has condemned incidents of unjust lethal police force against African Americans stating that, “Police must root out officers who continue to view Black lives as being less than that of other Americans.”  NASW further calls for a reform of police culture that all too often evidences racial disparities in the use of excessive force.

The NASW Code of Ethics calls us to challenge racism and social injustice and to value the worth and dignity of all people. As social workers, we have an obligation to lead the way in building an inclusive and socially just culture. We must be voices for treating all people fairly and for challenging—and changing—social systems and institutions that fall short. There is much work to do and, while the journey has been long, yet it endures and will continue. As learners, teachers, and researchers, let’s each take responsibility for our part in this journey. Black lives matter.


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