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Admission Requirements

Freshmen and students in good standing are admitted directly into the major.  At the end of their fourth semester, students apply to be admitted to the professional level of the major.

In order for social work majors at WVU, its branch campuses, or 2+2 program students to attain  professional social work status, they must meet the B.S.W. program’s admission criteria, complete a formal application for admission, and have their application approved by the School of Social Work B.S.W. Admission Committee.  The process is competitive, and students are selectively admitted to the advanced level of the program for their final two years of education, which includes the upper-division courses in social work.

To be eligible for admission to the advanced level and become  professional social work majors, students must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Have a 2.50 GPA on a four-point scale (lower considered on a case-by-case basis)

  • 100 hours of community service documented on the School of Social Work forms                          *Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the number is reduced to 50 for the upcoming application cycle application cycle. Face-to-face volunteering is preferred, but virtual hours are permissible. Verification is required.

  • Submit a supportive or generally positive reference letter from the volunteer site supervisor(s), or a faculty member

  • Complete fifty-eight credit hours by the conclusion of the semester during which application to the professional major is made

  • Earn a C or better in SOWK 147 and SOWK 151 (Students may be enrolled in one or both of these courses at the time of application to the professional major; additionally, students applying to the program through the 2+2 arrangement or as transfers from another institution can replace the SOWK 147 course with another minority course pre-approved by the BSW Program Director).

  • Successful completion of at least 75% of the General Education Curriculum Objectives by the conclusion of the semester during which application to the advanced level is made.

  • Demonstrate college-level writing skills

  • Show potential for commitment to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics

    Applications are reviewed in January for entry to the advanced level,  professional social work major the following fall semester.
The School of Social Work does not give academic credit for work or life-experience.

Apply For the BSW Professional Level

Transfer Students

Transfer students, including 2+2 students, who wish to enter the social work major must contact WVU’s Office of Admissions and the BSW program director no later than the semester before you intend to matriculate to WVU.  For entry to the BSW program, students must meet all requirements that apply to major status.  Students, who plan to matriculate to WVU in the fall semester at the  professional social work major level should contact WVU’s Office of Admissions the prior December and complete the application to the BSW program for admission at the  professional social work major level in January.

Upper-division social work courses taken at other institutions do not automatically transfer to WVU and meet the program’s requirements.  To gain approval for these courses students must have earned a B or better in the course(s) and must submit course syllabi and other appropriate course materials to the BSW program director.  Courses that are not approved count as electives.  The lower-division social work courses taught on 2+2 campuses have received approval via the formal agreement with the program.

Benchmark Expectations

By January of the 4th semester, students must submit an application to the professional major. For the application students must have a C or higher in SOWK 147 and 151, completed 100 hours volunteer service, and submit a personal statement and a reference from academic or volunteer service individual. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA overall.  All majors must meet with the SOWK adviser each semester. Students who do not meet these benchmarks may be removed from their major.