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Our B.S.W. Program Coordinator assists all pre-social work majors in planning an academic program and registering for courses. This includes completing registration forms, add/drop course adjustment forms, D/F repeat forms, transient forms to take coursework at another institution for transfer to WVU, and permission forms to take a course credit overload. Once students are formally admitted to the major they are assigned a faculty adviser who assists with these tasks.

The academic counselor or your faculty advisor will keep you informed on your progress in the major and will be available to assist you with both academic and career decisions. It is important that you discuss your career objectives with your counselor or advisor. This will enable her or him to help you make appropriate curricular choices. You are responsible for making appointments with your advisor, as well as for using the degree plan given you to monitor your progress through the major.

All students will work with our B.S.W. Program Coordinator or their faculty advisor to formulate a plan of study consistent with the policies of the B.S.W. Program, the School of Social Work, and WVU, as well as the Council on Social Work Education accreditation requirements. During every registration period your degree plan will be updated in consultation with the academic counselor or adviser. You may print a blank copy of the B.S.W. degree plan. For your own records, fill in all coursework as it is completed. Periodically, check your record of completed coursework with the official degree plan that is located in your permanent academic file, which is kept in the school’s records department.

Your file is available to you at any time upon request. Please allow your adviser, academic counselor, or the student record’s manager to pull your file and return it to the cabinet when you are finished.