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Gerontology Practitioner Certificate

January 2018 Update. Dr. Kristina Hash has taken over as Director of the Gerontology Practitioner Certificate. She will assist current participants in finishing their certificates.

Dr. Hash can be reached at .

Applications for the Gerontology Practitioner Certificate program are no longer being accepted. Participants already enrolled in the GPC program can continue to complete their requirements through the WVU sponsored programs and the other outside approved programs (see below for Upcoming Approved GPC workshops). We encourage participants to actively pursue the certificate by requesting approval for events and continuing to watch our website for upcoming events and approvals.

August 2017 Update. The School of Social Work has scaled back our continuing professional education offerings since July 2017. Our focus will be on the delivery of the Summer Institute on Aging conference each June, along with 1-2 full day workshops per academic year, online workshops related to gerontology, and the continuation of the 2,900+ member Professional & Community Education listserv.

The West Virginia University School of Social Work Gerontology Practitioner Certificate is a multidisciplinary, continuing education-based program designed to extend the understanding of the process of aging and issues faced in this stage of the life course, as well as strengthen the skills of persons who work with older adults or who care for older loved ones. The program is directed at professionals and laypersons in West Virginia and surrounding areas and considers the unique problems and needs of older adults in Appalachia and other rural areas. 

Gerontology Practitioner Certificate Materials

If you would like to receive upcoming notices regarding the Gerontology Practitioner Certificate, join our listserv by sending an email here.