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BSW Field Experience

The BSW Field Experience is a Foundation-Generalist placement that provides students with opportunities and experiences that demonstrate the multiple and varied roles that social workers perform, as well as day-to-day operations within social, human, and health care agencies, programs and organizations. A major assignment within the BSW Field experience is a multi-part Competency Thesis, which serves to help the student articulate and demonstrate how they have successfully integrated and applied the social work skills, theories, values and beliefs in a real world, social work practice setting. 

The BSW Field Experience requires completion of 450 on-site hours and utilizes a “block placement” model that occurs during the student’s final semester of the undergraduate program. During the Spring semester of their senior year, students are in field placement 4 days a week, for approximately 32 hours per week for 15-weeks, and also attend a concurrent 3-hour Capstone Seminar during that time. All students will receive additional, detailed information regarding field placement requirements during Field Education Orientations scheduled during the academic year.

BSW Fast-Track Model

Students that are able to take approved courses the summer before their senior year may also be eligible to “Fast-Track” their graduation by a full semester. This allows students to complete their BSW Field Experience in Fall of their senior year and potentially graduate in December. Students interested in the BSW Fast-Track Model should talk with their advisor to ensure their degree plan and financial resources are in line with an early graduation and includes summer tuition options.  

Please review the BSW Field Placement FAQ  for more information. 

For additional information regarding the BSW Field Experience, please contact Dr. Jeni Gamble, Field Education Director at or call 304-293-7339. 

Important:  Impact of Criminal Background, Failure to pass drug screen or substantiated CPS or APS Complaint on Field Placement and/or Degree Program Completion.