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MSW Field Experience

The MSW Field Experience requires that regular-standing* students complete a 312 contact hour (on site plus seminar hours)  Generalist Field Experience either during or immediately following their Generalist coursework in the first year of the program. The MSW Generalist Field Experience provides the student with opportunities and experiences which demonstrate the multiple and varied roles that social workers perform, as well as the day-to-day operations within social, human and health care agencies, programs and organizations. Students must complete a minimum of 16 hours (2 days) per week at the placement site, during the usual weekday, daytime operating hours of the site, and attend 12 contact hours of seminar during the placement period for a total of 312 hours.

The MSW Advanced Field Experience occurs during all MSW students’ final year of the program, and consists of 600 on-site contact hours plus 12 hours of seminar, at an average rate of 16-20 hours per week, during the usual operating hours of the agency. Students in Advanced Placement are expected to concentrate more intensively and autonomously in levels of intervention which reflect elements of the Advanced Integrated curriculum including work at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels of practice.The advanced placement is meant to prepare the student for entry into social work practice employment, and the expectation is that the student has already grasped the generalist concepts, theories and roles, as well as appropriate professional behavior.

All students will receive additional, detailed information regarding field placement requirements during Pre-Placement Orientations scheduled during the academic year.

For additional information on the MSW Field Experience, please contact Ms. Rachel Blais, Field Education Coordinator, at 304-293-3026, or

*regular-standing applies to students whose undergraduate degree is in an area other than social work, or whose social work undergraduate degree is more than 8 years old.

Important:  Impact of Criminal Background, Failure to pass drug screen, and/or substantiated CPS or APS Complaint upon Field Placement and/or Degree Program Completion.